Bestarz Rejuvenation: 12.12 Spiritual Self-love Retreat (Two Pax)


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Set a day to put down your work, responsibility, handphone, judgement, and just by being yourself. Come to a safe space to relax, recharge and find direction in life by connecting your six senses (Touch, Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, Intuition)!

Tune in to the nature, this year, we focus on achieving balance, flow of life and self-realisation to bring you more sustainable inspiring moments to moments…

12.12 Spiritual Self-love Retreat – Flow

Your body, mind & soul deserve a good rest and rejuvenation once every 3 months. A balanced chakras will help one to stay focus on their purpose and energised at every stage of life.

Self-love gives us greater strength to take care of ourself and people in need. Recharge yourself in this 12.12 spiritual self-love retreat, we will work on balancing your chakras, unblock your energy flow, and to find guidance from within.

Feature Highlights:

— Guided movements and meditation to balance your 12 chakras

— Sound bath with Himalayan singing bowls and Bestarz’ sound healing

— Somatic dance therapy to untangle and embrace the flow of energy/life

— Mindful eating with hearty vegan meal and floral teas

— Create your own SoulCollage® to connect your inner voice and heal your inner child

— Be surrounded by giant heritage trees, lush foliage and probably meet friendly residents eg. peacocks, squirrels, around the resort

Suitable for beginners or practitioners who are ready to flow with the energy/life and advancing in spiritual path.

About the Facilitators:

1. Bestarz (@Bestarz Rejuvenation): An intuitive and compassionate soul coach & energy healer. She has been a strong advocate of self-care and self-love in embracing the most powerful forces in the world, the life itself. Bestarz has been coaching the signature courses and workshops eg. “Be a Soul Therapist”, “Six Senses Floral Therapy” and “12 Chakras Activation and Balancing” to promote self-love and holistic healing. Hear her voice while channeling energy from the ocean: http://www.bestarz.sg/about.html

2. Lindsay Lim (Lindsay Lim の SLOW SoulSPACE): SoulCollage® Facilitator (first in Singapore) l Himalayan Singing Bowl Therapist l Certified Zentangle® Teacher(CZTTM) l Veriditas Trained Labyrinth Facilitator l Reiki Tummo® Practitioner

Lindsay is an intuitive SLOW Facilitator with background in the social service sector for more than 10 years. She values and respects each soul’s different yet unique life experiences when engaging them as partners in the helping and healing process.

3. Vincent Yong (@danspirevy): Vincent Yong is a creative educator, therapist and author with multiple awards under his belt. The first Certified Movement Analyst in Singapore, he is the first South East Asian Registered Somatic Dance/Movement Educator and Therapist to be listed in the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA), the global governance of specialists in the somatic work.

Vincent has helped clients from over 30 countries transcend their mental-physical barriers to achieve breakthroughs in the work and life performance while improving their health and well-being. Through the amalgamation of science and art, Vincent engineers specific experiences that lead to self-realizations and the flow of joy within hearts.


“It was a fantastic retreat where we engaged in fun activities of yoga and mandala drawing to remind us to look inwards and love ourselves. As we are busy working and living our lives fulfilling different roles, we tend to forget and overlook the 1 role that is so important. We overlook being ourselves. While we silence our inner dialogues and slow down our pace and breathings to give space, we start to be aware of our own needs. This self love retreat is indeed a fulfilling one and I am looking forward to more.” ~ Ms Zhang


Dec 12 (Monday), 0830am – Registration and Welcome; 9am – Session 1; 12.30pm – Lunch; 2pm – Session 2; 5pm- Home Sweet Home

Things to bring:

1. Yoga mat

2. Water bottle

3. Jacket/Shawl to keep you warm

4. A pair of scissors and glue stick

5. Notebook and writing materials

6. Insect Repellant and sunblock

7. Wear long pants and in attire suitable for exercise/dancing

Note: Participants will be seated on yoga mat in full glass pavilion. Please apply insect repellant and sunblock as there may be activities conducted in nature.


Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Glass Pavilion


Retreat Fee:

$360/pax with hearty vegan meal @ SHUTTER to be provided.

Note: Min. 10 pax and max. 20 pax to run the retreat.

SEA Members could opt for ATOME payment. Email to sea@soulitaire.com.sg for more information.

Compassion tickets available for low income (below $1.8k monthly), single-parent, student or caregiver. Please email to sea@soulitaire.com.sg for more information.

*Soul Empowerment Agency (SEA Soul.itaire 海の灵心) is a social enterprise for purposeful living to promote self-love though holistic approach. 20% of profit will go into Assistance Fund for low income, caregivers, stay at home mum and single-parent to receive quality services provided by the agency.

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A space for souls to seek solitude and tranquility. From searching of life purpose, inner child healing, energy cleansing & restoration to emotional transformation, Bestarz Rejuvenation regains your love and passion for life!



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