Bestarz Rejuvenation: Healingz + Gifts Activation Package (A)

$600.00 $500.00

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Healingz is a journey, however, you do not have to struggle alone. Let Bestarz assists you with her capability in channeling earthly energy, which amplify the healingz process and yet stay within your comfort level.


All sessions are personalised and advised/guided by your higher self and spiritual guides.It can be done remotely via Whatapps, face-to-face/zoom or even through sound clip channeled by Bestarz.


Choose from a selection of healingz and spiritual gifts activation offered by Bestarz Rejuvenation. This Package (A) is for sessions of healingz/spiritual gifts activation worth $600. You save up to $150:

  1. Inner Child Healingz ($100)
  2. Soul Song ($100)
  3. Energy Cleansing/Karmic Cleansing ($100)
  4. Energy Rejuvenating ($100)
  5. Past Life Transformation ($200)
  6. Sleep Therapy ($100)
  7. Spiritual Gift Activation + Coaching ($300)
  8. Communication with Guides Activation + Coaching ($500)
  9. Transcendence Coaching ($200 each session) for Advance Level of Communication with Divine.


Learn more about Healingz and Gifts Activation: http://bestarz.sg/about-healingz.html/ http://bestarz.sg/spiritual-gifts-activation.html 


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A space for souls to seek solitude and tranquility. From searching of life purpose, inner child healing, energy cleansing & restoration to emotional transformation, Bestarz Rejuvenation regains your love and passion for life!



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