Choizya: EMF Assessment for Home & Organisation


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Choizya offers EMR assessment consultancy as well as effective and flexible shielding solutions that safeguard you and your family against potential EMR harm.


Our consultancy includes professional EMF surveying and auditing of your home or other premises to identify radiation sources.


We also work with industry-leading suppliers to provide you with EMF Protection paints, shielding films (windows) and fabrics (curtains, canopies, bed covers, custom-made blankets and clothing) as well as personal items such as maternity belly bands, radiation-free earphones and phone radiation protection cases.


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Choizya (pronounced “Choi-zee_ya”) is the trusted expert in Non-Ionising Electromagnetic Radiation or Field (EMR or EMF) detection and protection. While wireless technology, and hence, wireless radiation, is increasingly prevalent, we can do something to protect ourselves. At Choizya, we aim to make our wireless world a safer place to live, work and play in. We do so by raising awareness of potential electromagnetic radiation risk and providing effective indoor and outdoor shielding solutions for individual, home and organisation. We also aspire to create innovative EMF-reducing products to offer to all.


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