Floral Rejuvenation: Embrace (Medium)


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Intuitive floral bouquet or arrangement for all occasions and purposes. Selection of flowers, colours and design go according to your energy and emotional needs. Hence, no single arrangement will be the same, because everyone is unique and beautiful just the way we are.


This is a medium size arrangement. Free delivery in Singapore. Photos are just for illustration.


Check out more artworks at Floral_Healingz. Email bestarz123@gmail.com for corporate or events enquiry.


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Floral Rejuvenation is one of Bestarz signature healing modalities. Each bouquet or flower arrangement comes with blessing from the universe and nature as well as bespoke design using water with healing energy.


Intuitive floral arrangement for your energy and emotional needs. Suitable for improving and alignment of energy at home, workplace, and blessing for good health and relationship and more.


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