Petale Blooming Tea: Classic Assorted Blooming Tea


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Healthy & Innovative Tea with an Experience


Pétale’s blooming tea, also known as artisan flowering tea, is an exquisite hand sewn tea ball, made of ORGANIC Maofeng green tea and dried flowers such as jasmine, osmanthus, gomphrena, marigold, rose, lavender and lily.


Bring along this small token to any gathering or occasion. Definitely a great conversation starter for any groups.


Each classic white bag consists of 12 individual sealed teaballs. Net weight: 90g (12 tea balls, individually sealed in a tea foil)


6 Assorted Types (2 each):
Tuscan sun, Courtesan secret, Mango Boulevard, My Fair Lady (Pineapple), Vanilla Fields, Coco colada (Coconut)


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Balancing stress hormones & providing relaxation is easy with blooming tea.


The catechins & polyphenols help to induce a sense of calmness, while the aesthetic experience of watching the blooming tea flower unfold is a form of meditation itself!


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