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Liang Shing


Soul Coach & Floral Therapist

Bestarz has been a strong advocate of self-care and self-love in embracing the most powerful forces in the world – life itself.

She created Bestarz Rejuvenation • 静星愈林 for souls to seek solitude and tranquillity and founded the Soul Empowerment Agency – SEA Soul.itaire 海の灵心 – a platform to connect all souls and assist them to attain their life purposes.

Bestarz has the ability to communicate directly with spiritual guides (eg. guardian angels) and divine beings. In addition, her sensitivity towards earthly energy and spirituality can help you amplify the healing process, yet allow you to stay within your comfort level. Bestarz currently provides healing from the searching of life purpose, inner child healing, energy cleansing and restoration, to emotional transformation. She currently conducts healing and soul coaching workshops/retreats for SEA Soul.itaire 海の灵心. Bestarz also has a flair for flower arrangement and Floral Healingz is one of her signature healing modalities.

Bestarz graduated with a B.A. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, but went on to develop a career in marketing and events-management because she had a strong interest in working and connecting with people. She has accumulated rich marketing experience through her work in various organisations, including an exhibition/events company, an advertising agency, a luxury brand company, a membership club, and a non-profit organisation and charity. She was the Head of Marketing and Program at Brahm Centre before setting up the Soul Centre.

Services provided: Soul Coaching, Energy & Sound Healing, Inner Child Healing, Floral Healingz

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