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The journey of self-empowerment

Soul Empowerment Agency provides a platform for soul seekers and soul workers to connect and begin their journey of self-realisation and self-empowerment.

Choose from a team of dedicated SEA therapists to assist you in resolving your life concerns and finding a meaningful purpose in life!

Liang Shing (Bestarz)

Soul Coach & Floral Therapist

Bestarz is an intuitive soul coach and floral therapist. She has been a strong advocate of self-care and self-love in embracing the most powerful forces in the world - the life itself.

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Brina (Nana)

Soul Mentor & Crystals Whisperer

Mystic (aka Nana), guided by the divine, a self-taught psychic who can speak to your spiritual guides. Able to do reading and have skills in speaking to crystals, animals and plants. Intuitive in doing crystal array for work and events.

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Janet Chui

Counseling Astrologer & Artist

Janet is the artist and creator behind the Self-Love Oracle. Drawing fantastical subjects since childhood and holding a B.A. in Journalism, she’s worked in tourism and publishing, and is currently studying Counseling Psychology.

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Lorraine Low (Raine)

Oracle+Healer & Animals Communicator

As an Oracle and Healer, Raine uses her gifts to weave together messages of the highest truth & light to bring about true healing from your angels and spirit guides through Angel & Oracle Card Readings.

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