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Janet Chui

Counseling Astrologer & Artist

Janet is an artist in Singapore who has been painting since childhood. In college, she pursued a Journalism degree while continuing to research her interests in art, history, and the metaphysical. She has worked as an editor, illustrator, publisher, a listening ear to sex workers, and as a Singapore history guide.

Motherhood and guide work was what lead Janet to uncover her spiritual gifts and re-embrace her painting and interest in the unexplained. She has studied Reiki, Alpha Alignment, astrology, healing with Light Language and Sacred Geometry, and in Drunvalo Melchizedek's program, "Awakening the Illuminated Heart". In 2016, she created the Self-Love Oracle with her paintings of the last decade-and-a-half, combining them with more recently channelled messages to help people embrace all their gifts and challenges.

Janet now holds an Advanced Diploma in Counselling Psychology and plans furthering her studies to pursue professional counselling work.

Services provided: Tarot Reading, Life Purpose Reading, Couples Astrology Reading, Alpha Alignment, Aura Portrait

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