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Happiness is our Birth Rights

Why Self-love…


Self-love is not selfish! Instead, self-love brings to us greater strength, clarity and capacity to fulfil our purposes and help more people in need.


Self-love is essential! All souls come to life with a purpose to be the best version of ourselves. It is important to acknowledge that happiness is our birth rights, it is not for us to seek but to embrace and look from within.


SEA Soul.itaire believes in empowering individuals to take charge of their own life purposes, happiness and health through holistic approach.

Why holistic approach…


Holistic healing and therapy tap on the individual’s natural capability to self-heal and seek wisdom from within. It meet the needs of individual and the need of same individual when his/her needs change during the journey of self-love and recovery.


In most of the time, it assists individual to adapt, align and attain their optimal physical health, inner peace and purpose in life.


SEA Soul.itaire aims to provide preventive healthcare measures for body, mind and soul with program, services and products that keep us healthier, happier and fulfilling.

Why social enterprise…


Social enterprise is a sustainable business model that aims to provide quality services and fair income and welfare to the working staff and therapists.


It is purpose thriven with making social impact in mind.


SEA Soul.itaire is supporting lower income individuals and/or who are recovering  from mental health issues in their journey of pursuing purposeful living. Assistance Fund for low income, caregivers, stay at home mum and single-parent to receive quality services is also provided by the agency.

Building a community of soul workers/therapists…

  • The power of leveraging and building a cohesive community to promote self-love and holistic healing
  • Providing a platform for therapists to come together and collaborate on events and projects
  • Promote bonding and sharing with one another for spiritual advancements
  • Support therapists to grow their healing community and business