Taking care of our health and happiness needs to be holistic and integrative. Keeping our body fit and enjoy the flow of life readily.

Yoga Therapy for Chakras Alignment

The concept of Chakras is rooted in ancient traditions of Hinduism but is also found in Buddhism and has made its way into spiritual traditions such as yoga.


According to the concept, the physical human body does not only consist of bones, muscles, organs, and skin. It’s rather made up of various layers of energy fields surrounding the physical body. These layers are said to form the so-called subtle body, which is also called the energy body. ‘Subtle’ in this context means ‘that what is most delicate’, ‘that what is most refined’.


The word Chakra is an old Sanskrit word and can be translated as ‘spinning wheel’. According to yogic beliefs, the human body has seven Chakras, which can be thought of as intersections of different energy channels. The life force, called Prana, travels through these channels or Nadis.


If energy is blocked in one of the Chakras – due to bad habits or inhibiting environmental factors – this can result in emotional, mental, or even physical imbalances. These, in turn, may even become apparent in symptoms like anxiety, lethargy, digestive, or other health issues.


This is where yoga comes into play: A well-rounded Chakra yoga practice is specifically aimed at unblocking the Chakras so that the energy, i.e. your prana, can move freely through the body. This practice can include specific asanas, Pranayama, mudra, and meditation practices to purify and balance either all the Nadis and Chakras or only those that need to be restored.


Suyin – After years of working under stressful environment, hormone imbalance has led Suyin to practice Yoga. Through the practices, she witnessed the effect of Yoga and how it began to heal her body and get her body back into alignment. She then investigated different styles of Yoga, moving to Vinyasa and Yin before finally developing her own practice to suit the needs of the body and mind. Her love and passion for teaching now comes from a desire to learn from everyone and share all the aspects of her practice that have helped her. In flowing the breath and the body together, she hopes to encourage her students to a mindful practice, cultivating inner peace and self-love.


Every Tuesday, 10am / 1 hour


$30/session ; members: $20/session

Flow with Danspire

Danspire is a way of living. It is an experience. An experience you feel when you are inspired because of the interaction of the mind and dance. If inspiration has a body and can be described, it would be in the form of a resonance, an “Ah-HA!” vibrating in an awakening manner within each cell of its body. This powerful and profound experience strings feelings, sensations, emotions, past, presence and the possibilities into a moment that liberates your mind and body and re-connects to the soul.


As one moves and dance in curiosity and creativity, Danspire manifests in learning, growing and healing.


Vincent Yong is an award-winning movement artist, analyst, somatic therapist and author. He is currently South East Asia’s first and only Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist (RSME, RSMT) accredited by the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA). Vincent is Singapore’s only Certified Movement Analyst who has presented at the Harvard University in the conference: MOVEMENT – Brain. Body. Cognition and International Association of Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS).

Vincent is now helping people lead greater lives through education and pain therapy. Creating spaces to improve one’s perception of the body, Vincent consistently witnessed his clients experience self-learning and healing.


December 18, 26, 30, 5pm / 1.5 hours


$40/session ; members: $30/session