Taking care of our health and happiness needs to be holistic and integrative. Empower yourself with resilience and abundance mind state, and start seeing the world at its best!

Master 5 steps to Manifest your Abundance

Because your happiness matters, you have all the resources needed to achieve what you want. However, do you really know what you truly want?
This is not a motivational talk but a safe space for you to explore the answers from within.


Following the 5 guided steps to be imparted in this 3hr workshop, you can manifest and achieve the abundance you want consistently in life.


Bestarz – An intuitive and compassionate soul coach and floral therapist. She has been a strong advocate of self-care and self-love in embracing the most powerful forces in the world, the life itself. She has the ability to communicate directly with spiritual guides and divine beings. In addition, her sensitivity towards earthly energy and spirituality can help you in healing while staying comfortable and calm.


Coming soon / 3 hours


$88/session ; members: $68/session