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Brought to you by a team of dedicated and passionate SEA therapists to assist you in living a purposeful life.


Bestarz Rejuvenation

by Bestarz

  • Soul Coaching & Therapy
  • Energy Cleansing Rejuvenating
  • Inner Child Healingz & Soul Song
  • Spiritual Gifts Activation
  • Floral Healingz

Kaleidoscope Reading

by Brina

  • Space Cleansing & Energy Alignment (a.k.a Fengshui)
  • Crystals Healing & Communication
  • Past Life Regression
  • Divine Reading

Janet Chui Watercolour Visions

by Janet

  • Self-Love Oracle
  • Tarot Card Reading
  • Astrology Chart
  • Alpha Alignment

Raine of Light

  • Angel, Tarot & Oracle Card Reading
  • Animal Healing & Communication
  • Grief Therapy