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Having good services and content are not good enough, you need to be seen and engaged with your clients to help one another to grow and advance together.


It is about building a community that is sustainable, engaging and educative where everyone is connected not just by following the posts but forming a network of positive and empowering energy.


SEA Soul.itaire provides one-stop solution from finding your right target audience, building the brand and social media platforms, to content management with specialization in holistic health and wellness.


We love to see your business/community thrives, fulfilling your life purposes and as well as others.


Select from our extensive soulcial media plans or contact us for a free consultation and energy reading. Each plan is priced at $300*, members could enjoy it at $200*.


Plan A: Setting up of Instagram and Facebook – One-off
Plan Aa: Content Management of Instagram and Facebook – Monthly
Plan B: Setting up of Linkedin with adding of 500 useful connections – One-off
Plan Bb: Content Management of Linkedin – Monthly


*Price doesn’t include photo editing, profiling, photoshoot or videography services. You can look for suitable marketing services offered by SEA Soul.itaire.